Specialists knives.

 The Gillie.

'The hunter's servant'

The Gillie has a blade length of approx 4.75", is slim and nimble but can punch well above its weight. It's available with to different handle profiles for optimum user satisfaction:

The Gillie / The Gillie v2.

Designed as an all rounder for field dressing,  gralloching and skinning, it can cope with all species of deer.

The handle ergonomics lends itself to be held in various grips for maximum performance with a generous finger guard protecting your fingers from the flat ground blade. The handle is G10 or micarta giving supered grip especially when wet.

TBuilt from 2.6mm RWL 34, 2.5mm 14c28n or 3mm Sheffield rolled SF100 stainless steel. 

Loveless bolts are standard.

Price £275.00.

Available in Damascus. POA

Filleting knife.

Our 5" filleting knife has a slim, thin flexible stainless steel blade. Built using 2.5mm Sandvik 14C28N or 2.6mm RWL 34.

A full flat grind allows for easy filleting of fish and game. You can choose to have the lanyard hole if you wish which allows the user to loop the lanyard over your wrist, the last thing you want to do is loose it overboard.

Available in G10, Micarta or Kirinite and is supplied in a leather sheath.

Loveless bolts are standard.

You don't have to have the lanyard hole.

Price £245.00.

Professional 5" boning knife.

Our 5" professional boning knife has a slim, thin flexible stainless steel blade that has been designed in conjunction with a local butcher. The handle is shaped to fit in your hand in various positions.

 Built using 2.5mm Sandvik 14C28N or 2.6mm RWL 34.

A full flat grind allows for easy boning meat and filleting  fish. 

Available in G10, Micarta or Kirinite and is supplied in a leather sleeve.

Loveless bolts are standard.

Price £250.00.

5" Skinning knife.

The skinning knife has been designed to do exactly that. It has a full flat grind and has a 5" blade.

With a substantial finger guard there should be no chance of  your fingers sliding up the blade.

Built with 2.6mm RWL 34 or 2.5mm Sandvik 14C28N  stainless steel. It can be built with, G10, Micarta or kirinite scales.

Loveless bolts are standard.

A lanyard hole can be added if you wish.

Price £285.00.

Available in Damascus. POA.

Butchers steak knife

The butchers steak knife is available with an  8"-10" blade

With a substantial finger guard your hand is kept securely in place whilst making light work of slicing those steaks.

Built with 3.2mm RWL 34 or 3mm AEB-L  stainless steel. It can be built with, G10, Micarta, richlite or kirinite scales.

Loveless bolts are standard.

Supplied in a leather sleeve.

Price £295.00.

Available in Damascus. POA.

The Zipper.

The Zipper has been designed for the safe gralloching of deer for the human food chain. 

It can be used to un-zip the animal and open the chest cavity for safe removal of the gralloch.

The knife is built with 4mm  RWL 34 or Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel.

You can choose to have brass, copper, aluminium, mosaic pins or loveless bolts and the colour of the stitching on your leather sheath or a kydex sheath.

This knife has been tried and tested by professionals in the field giving great performance.

It is available to order only, we don't keep any stock of this knife.

Prices for the Zipper start form £200.00 for the basic model (solid pins and a leather sheath)

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