Manor Knives leather balm

Manor Knives leather balm


Manor Knives leather balm is our own blend of three high quality ingredients. All handmade in-house in small batches chosen for their unique properties in protecting leather. 

Pure neatsfoot oil revitalises and nourishes the leather whilst carnauba and beeswax offer protection from the elements.

I use this balm on all my leather work.



Pure Neatsfoot oil,


Carnauba wax.


Supplied in 100ml recyclable aluminium tins. 

Not suitable for nubuck or suede leather.

  • Application

    Apply the balm to a lint free cloth or a soft bristled brush with a circular motion and massage into clean, dry leather. Allow to soak into the leather for a lengthy time, idealy over night, and then lightly buff.

    May darken the leather and always try a patch test first.